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Concussion & Traumatic Brain Injuries

The effects of brain injuries can be mild to catastrophic. Symptoms for mild injury are: headache, light sensitivity, moodiness, fatigue, blurred vision, nausea, headaches, depression, fatigue. More severe symptoms can range from: Cognitive impairment, dizziness, auditory complications, difficulty speaking, or preforming tasks, emotional outburst, when reading the words appear to move, comprehension difficulty, amnesia, pain, & hemiplegia. These symptoms become exaggerated when tired, or when trying to work, watch tv, work on a PC, or when over stimulated by sounds & people. After a concussion or TBI - Visual changes may occur, in reactions of the pupil dilation, eye tracking difficulty, double vision, inability to maintain visual contact/focus, loss or reduction of the visual field, binocular vision.


Acupuncture has been found to speed up recovery from traumatic brain injuries. It is helpful for treating headaches, light sensitivity, focus, irritability, dizziness, foggy memory, speech difficulty, insomnia, and poor concentration. The US military are treating their solders with "Battlefield acupuncture," developed by Air Force physician Col. for concussions, and they are finding the results are “off the Charts”. The injured solders are recovering and returning to duty in shorter time frames. Acupuncture has historically been used after warfair for an array of conditions from trauma to PTSD. For concussions acupuncture is used to improvement difficulty with sleeping, headaches, dizziness, co-ordination, and mood.

After a concussion make sure to rest, no tv, and no computers. Think about it like a sprained ankle. You wouldn’t run on a sprained ankle. It goes the same for the brain; let it rest. Eat antioxidant rich foods, fruits and vegetables, and avoid foods that cause inflammation, fried foods, fast foods and sweetened foods like candy.

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Preventative & Restorative Treatment

After a traumatic brain injury there is an increased chance of developing a stroke (7.5 per-1000 people), but when treated with acupuncture the risk of developing a stroke after a traumatic brain injury decreased to (4.9 per 1000) this study followed 7409 TBI patients and 29, 636 without acupuncture treatment. (Shih et al. 2014)

Now if you take the individuals who have had multiple mild concussions and compare them against those that have never had a head injury, they fared worse on neuropsychological tests than those that have never had a head injury. We can improve the recovery when we combing acupuncture with cognitive training. (Liang et. al 2015)


At the moment there is a considerable research going into acupuncture and the treatment of stroke patients, We are seeing the recovery of limb function, and brain healing.

Looking at china for use of acupuncture with stroke recovery they experience excellent results when applied correctly especially using scalp acupuncture. Acupuncture can shorten recovery time to as little as two weeks and restore function to over 95% in some patients. Treatment was found to be 37.2% Excellent results, 38.1 Good results, 22.1% effective and 2.6% ineffective out of 344 cases. Treatments were done to correct numbness in the limbs, apraxia (problems saying sounds, syllables, and words, brain has difficulty coordinating the muscle movements necessary to say those words), aphasia (difficulty in expressing oneself when speaking, trouble understanding speech, and difficulty with reading and writing), stammer, speech defect, limb edema, salivation, spastic limbs, vertigo,

After a stroke for people who sought acupuncture treatments found evidence from CT scans showing less than half the motor pathways were damaged; this was found in 3 out of 4 of those treated with acupuncture. This clinical trial achieved a good response compared with none of the sham group (Naeser et al 1992)

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It is interesting to note in the studies with Acupuncture sometimes produce immediate effects, for instance movement of a paralyzed limb that takes place within 10 minutes following an AC treatment.(I. Inoue et al 2002). Sometimes effects that build up over time, peeking at 22 days production of adult stem cells in the brain occur. (Effects NeuroD mRNA, & neural stem cell development in brain slices of new born rats suffering hypoxia) (Lu Chen & Yan Liu 2016). There can be significant cognitive improvement in memory and reasoning in dementia patients 4 weeks after treatment has concluded (Shi, G.X., C.Z. Liu et al. 2013)

Cognitive Function

Clinical trials are discovering that acupuncture improves cognitive and memory function for dementia patients. They are finding that acupuncture outperforms drug treatments for vascular dementia. In clinical trials they found acupuncture depending on the points used has an 80-90% effective rate and the pharmaceutical treatment reached 60% effective rate. The acupuncture point DU20 was found to “treat cognition and memory disorders, at least in part, by regulating brain cholinergic functioning,” they also noted that “that acupuncture is beneficial at least in part by preventing oxidative damage.”

You may not have Dementia but If you have “brain fog” acupuncture has been used to help with that as well. It does the is by helping balance the brain and the body so the mind can think more clearly. If you look at the world health organization they recommend acupuncture as an effective treatment for over 40 medical problems.

Cognitive function is seen to improve several weeks after a session of acupuncture treatments. It could be because adult stems cell production in the brain peeks 22 days after a series of acupuncture treatments. Thus it takes time for healing and regeneration to take place.

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Improving cognitive health is multifaceted.

At UCLA they have successfully reversed mild cognitive impairment, early stage Alzheimer patient, mild amnesic cognitive impairment, with a multi treatment style & personal approach using, natural health medicine such as exercise, meditation, diet, sleep, herbs, and vitamins, in 2014. They then repeated the study in 2016 again with success. "The magnitude of the improvement is unprecedented" (Bredesen et al. 2014, 2016) Though 1 patient in the 2014 study did not improve they were diagnosed with late stage Alzheimer's, on entry to the program.

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Epilepsy and Seizure

Low Level Laser Therapy

Emerging research is showing promise in the the treatment of whiplash, concussions, and stroke.

The Brain is the most Mitochondria dense region in the body making it idea for treatment with LLLT. These Mitochondria are stimulated by Red light & Near infra-red light mostly around 660-810hrz. This light boosts ATP in the brain. Releases Nitric Oxide (which relaxes blood vessels), Though the laser stimulation may only be a few minutes but the effects can last days or weeks. This is because of the activate transcription factors. They go into the nucleus of a cell and they bind to different aspects of the DNA and signal transcription of proteins and this will go on for hours, days and even weeks. ~Dr Michael Hamblin: Harvard Professor and Infrared Therapy Expert

Brain Injuries And Laser Therapy: